Optimize your workflow, maximize your productivity

"Focus on the essential" is a sentence that can describe very well my mindset especially when it comes to the audio world that i live in and love so much. I'm using everyday audio softwares or audio related softwares for recording, mixing, mastering, making and listening music but sometimes they lack some functionalities, are unintuitives  or simply don't focus on what really matters, so i take the decision, after waiting for a long time for updates that would improve or fix them, to start learning about coding and fixing issues by myself and i came to create some really cool programs and fix some problems that many of you will without a doubt enjoy and i share them with you so you can also work faster and better because when workflow is optimized, productivity is maximized. Don't let those inconveniences steal focus, stay focus !


Here are the available programs to buy. To download their 7 days trials and the FREE ones, go to PRODUCTS AND SERVICES page

For the moment, they work on all Windows 64bits OS only and are

compatibles with : 

Pro Tools

FL Studio

Harrison Mixbus

Ableton Live




Studio One

Tauperature 10€

AudioGridder Please Focus


Metaplugin Don't Steal Focus




JBridge Don't Steal Focus FREE



2 Click 2 Reset


If you use Windows 32 bits, let us know

Upload here your Regi files

Importants informations you need to know

If you have further questions feel free to contact us.